Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lee Hom!~!~!~! 黄~绿~红~

Today i went to Sungei Wang Plaza.....
And i saw a counter selling Lee Hom Heroes Of Earth World Tour Concert tickets at ground floor!!!!!
Yes !!!! I know he is coming~~~
And the ticket prices are quite reasonable: the cheapest is RM 53 and the most expensive one is around RM300-RM400.....
Unlike the Rain's concert, the ticket prices are only for Dato and Tan Sri whom can afford~~~~

I was planning once going to watch the concert with some friends.
But it seems quite difficult for us because most of us have no transport to either reach there or back from there ~~~
It is going to held in Stadium Merdeka
, somewhere i don't know where the hell is......
Isn't it better if the location is at Genting~~~~
At least i know the place and i know how to get there~~~

If really can not go, then just let it be~~~
Anyway, his concert is on 3rd March 2007......
To those who are going, catch some pictures or record some clips for me to see lah~~

To those who don't know who is my Lao Gong--Lee Hom....This is his handsome face.....hahhahaha

王力宏, 我爱你!!!!

1 comment:

~ mY wOrLd ~ said...

i wil go 2 lee hom's concert: )

ya, held at stadium merdeka there is quite difficult , even u buy d VIP ticket , it oso difficult to see clearly...

genting is best.. last year i buy d cheapest one , it oso seem like very near, but at stadium there......

haha! my sis damm crazy about him ah,u 2 can fight it ord , haha!