Wednesday, May 31, 2006


at last~~~~finally~~~~
i can online 2 write my blog again ~~~but jz in english~~
huge changes in my life within one month~~
a world without pc, nice tv series, driving, n easy living life~~~
wat i hav here r assignments!!!! tutorials!!!! lectures!!!!! n keep walking n walking~!~!~!~!
i never walk so much n so long in my life til i came here~~
although there r shuttle buses of UTAR, but da buses r nvr b punctual~~owez late~~~
so i jz hav 2 go 2 my campus by feet so tat i wont b late to class~~~

i had my bad day on monday~
i was walking down da stairs n dunno wondering wat.....
n then i missed a step........bling!! blong!!
i fell down from da stairs n i sprainned my angkle
really "ta ma de" pain!!!!!
yet i still keep tahan 4 3 hours at sch n walk 4 2km back to home
when i pulled down my sock.....
OMG!!!!!! my angle bengkak like pig leg!!!! n red n pain lagi
i fon my mum n told her, but she jz " hahahaha, da fan shu, dai sei"
=_=lll where got mother like tat one!!!!!!! yer!
luckily i got grace~~~she help me urut~~hehehehe n thanks to charlene 4 da medicine~~~
so my angle is recovering so fast, n i can walk 2 sch again~~walaupun stil got a bit terhincut-hincut, n difficult to walk down stairs la~~~hehehehe

oh ya~~i m going 2 buy a laptop soon n my hse is going 2 install da broadband~~
so i will b able to online more often soon~~~wuahahahahahaha

k la~finish!