Monday, June 05, 2006


i spent my last weekend wif my mother
v went to starhill n my mum was so gila wif louis vuitton!!!!
she nyaris bought a LV hand bag!!!!
but jz she has no more cash wif her n she dun wan pay by credit card liao~~
haiz~~~jz a little bit more closer!!!!!
but nvr mind lah~~~next time when my dad come, mum said bring dad to go back again to buy it~~~
n mayb i can use it once in a while oso can lah~~~
hehehheeh angkle is still pain lagi.....but oledi not bengkak liao
mayb can recover by dis week
so...mon mon, u dun worry lah~~

i went to libraby jz nw to find some material 4 my coursework ~~
but jz feel so sleepy~~~
thinking of later at 5 pm still got a lecture class need to attend really wan pening!!! dunno y da rain god recently keep rainning at da time to go home!!!!
really feel shit! n now rainning lagi!!! later i hav to walk home lagi d wor!!!!tt

k lah~~class is starting soon~~

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