Wednesday, May 31, 2006


at last~~~~finally~~~~
i can online 2 write my blog again ~~~but jz in english~~
huge changes in my life within one month~~
a world without pc, nice tv series, driving, n easy living life~~~
wat i hav here r assignments!!!! tutorials!!!! lectures!!!!! n keep walking n walking~!~!~!~!
i never walk so much n so long in my life til i came here~~
although there r shuttle buses of UTAR, but da buses r nvr b punctual~~owez late~~~
so i jz hav 2 go 2 my campus by feet so tat i wont b late to class~~~

i had my bad day on monday~
i was walking down da stairs n dunno wondering wat.....
n then i missed a step........bling!! blong!!
i fell down from da stairs n i sprainned my angkle
really "ta ma de" pain!!!!!
yet i still keep tahan 4 3 hours at sch n walk 4 2km back to home
when i pulled down my sock.....
OMG!!!!!! my angle bengkak like pig leg!!!! n red n pain lagi
i fon my mum n told her, but she jz " hahahaha, da fan shu, dai sei"
=_=lll where got mother like tat one!!!!!!! yer!
luckily i got grace~~~she help me urut~~hehehehe n thanks to charlene 4 da medicine~~~
so my angle is recovering so fast, n i can walk 2 sch again~~walaupun stil got a bit terhincut-hincut, n difficult to walk down stairs la~~~hehehehe

oh ya~~i m going 2 buy a laptop soon n my hse is going 2 install da broadband~~
so i will b able to online more often soon~~~wuahahahahahaha

k la~finish!


Plunny said...

Haha....can you call that enjoying uni life then.?

kenny said...

haha...i walked to school everyday as well...i understand what you's ur leg now??next time be careful lor...tsk tsk...
i'll find u guys after my final exam which starts nx week....stressed...