Sunday, February 17, 2008

平井堅 キャンバス PV

this is a new song from my dearest Hirai Ken which called "Canvas".well i'm sure u guys can read the katakana~~hehehehheh
that's the most made me proud~~hahhahaahha
i can read it!!!!
well, this is a really nice song, really really recomended to u all out there. this song was actually a theme song from a japanese movie which called "ハチミツのクローバードラマ" (dunno what the hell it mean~~ but leave it~).the point is the song is really really nice nice!!!!
n my ken ken is looking ハンサム as always, the pv itself is oso quite nice~~ if u wan watch more from the movie, check it out on youtube.ENJOY!!!!!!!

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